Bar X Project Helps Vets Heal in Pristine Montana Landscape

In 2015, journalist Edward Collimore told the story of the Bar X Project in the Philadelphia Inquirer. He writes:

“The driver should have known better. He was getting too close. The U.S. Marines in Iraq’s Anbar province watched warily as the vehicle crept up on their convoy.

They’d seen comrades killed by suicide bombers, IEDs and snipers during tours of duty there and in Afghanistan, so they were on guard, ready to defend themselves.

With the driver ignoring a sign in Arabic that warned motorists to stay back 200 feet, the order was given. The turret gunner unleashed a storm of gunfire, killing the man at the wheel.

No bomb or weapons were found. All the Marines could do was place the driver – a local student – in a body bag and take him home to his family.

The tragic death in 2006 was one of many that has haunted Sgt. Matt Bailey of Medford, New Jersey.”

Read the complete story from November 21, 2015. 

Chris Hare