Back in the Fight!

Getting to be with my Marine brothers again in a stress free environment, was something truly amazing. The last time I saw these men was in a combat zone. We did things together that formed an unbreakable bond. Getting to talk about how things affect us and what we do to cope in every day life was very enlightening.

After you get out of the service you’re set free, no one to give you the next order. When I see how my brothers all handle this unguided life so very differently, worries me now. After this short reunion with these Marines I realized that we need each other just as much when it's all over. 

I was chosen to lead these men along time ago. When I got out of the Marines I disappeared, went my own way, kind of abandoned them without knowing it. Well, I'm back!  I will be making sure I look after my Marines even now. I'm available for you guys anyway I can be.

Thank you again for bringing me back into the fight!

Cpl Fetzer
USMC 2000-2004
3/4 Kilo Co 2nd Plt

Chris Hare