Retired Marine Major Fred Galvin Vindicated

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Major Galvin is a true hero, and a friend of The Bar X Project, and we celebrate this victory with him, even as we know that he and his men still have significant adversity to overcome due to the injustices they suffered.

On January 7, 2019, Task & Purpose wrote, “A Marine officer who was fired after false rumors that his special operations unit massacred Afghan civilians has been vindicated.”

“The Board for Corrections of Naval Records recently removed two adverse fitness reports from retired Maj. Fred Galvin's record: The first one came as a result of a March 2007 incident, during which he led Marine Special Operations Company Foxtrot in Afghanistan; the second came after he was relieved in 2011 for questioning a lieutenant colonel in Afghanistan who allegedly said he was "willing to sacrifice the lives" of Marines under his command.”

Watch the video from Fox News.

Chris Hare